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Top Chicago DUI Attorneys

In cities large and small, a motorist’s brush with DUI/DWI law can radically change, irreparably damage or possibly end a life in an instant.

Not all DUI cases are the same. Connecting with a competent Chicago DUI attorney could make a significant difference depending on the circumstances of your particular case.

If you have serious doubts about any aspect of your arrest for drunk driving in Chicago or surrounding areas, you should be in touch with an experienced, skillful DUI defense attorney right away.

How many drinks does it take to reach the legal limit in Illinois? 

There isn’t one calculation that works for all drivers. Variables to be taken into account are: body fat percentage, weight, genetics, age and number of drinks consumed over a given time frame. Studies have show that some individuals could have as much as a .05 percentage increase in their BAC for each drink consumed. Given that number, it could take very few drinks to become legally impaired in the state of Illinois.

Penalties for DUI

Law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois and the United States have developed a no-tolerance policy toward the connection between drinking and driving. From state to state, penalties have become harsher and blood alcohol content minimums required for arrests have lowered considerably.

There are several penalties for a DUI that may occur depending on the circumstances of your situation. A first offense DUI may result in less severe penalties than a 3rd or 4th offense DUI.

Your DUI arrest may or may not result in certain penalties that other DUI arrests get. However, some of the penalties that are commonly feared by people may include months of imprisonment and having your drivers license revoked. More serious penalties may include years of imprisonment depending on the specific circumstances. You should speak with your attorney about your situation to find out the severity of your DUI or aggravated DUI.

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Being charged with a DUI is not a light matter — it is a serious crime that can severely impact yourself and others. Most drivers who are arrested in Illinois for a DUI not only can face the loss of driving privileges but also fines and possible jail time.

Being convicted of driving under the influence can also impact your life in many ways you may not be aware of, including loss of employment, higher insurance rates, prevention of employment in certain jobs, severe financial setbacks, personal and family embarrassment, and having that conviction on your driving records for years―perhaps even forever.

Because you are dealing with high stakes when you are charged with a DUI, it is important that you contact a Chicago DUI defense lawyer today.

If you’re looking for the top Chicago DUI attorneys, then we may be able to help you out. Although it’s difficult to say which attorney is the best in Chicago for cases related to drinking and driving, there are many attorneys who may be considered a “top attorney”. Schedule a consultation today by calling: (312) 544-9909.